Are Backpack Vacuums The Future?

Backpack vacuums are a compact version of the common household canister vacuum, except it’s on your back, as the name would explain. While versatile, these vacuums are going to cost you a pretty penny, costing up to 600 dollars! Although the price tag is steep, many would argue that the price is acceptable when the product is at such high quality. In comparison with other vacuums, backpack style vacuums have proven itself to be superior, in both collecting dust and debris as well as portability and productivity.

Why is it better than the common household vacuum? the ISSA (Advancing Clean Driving Innovation) conducted a study showing that the backpack vacuum has many statistical advantages:

  • They cleaned 4,167 square feet per hour than the regular vacuum
  • he backpack removed 91.3 to 96.7 percent of soil spread through a carpet
  • While you may support the conventional vacuum, you can’t deny the versatility, nor the ability to pick up whatever you need collected.

The Future of The Backpack Vacuum

With the advancements of all vacuums, as well as the hype over the backpack variant, it is safe to assume there is nowhere to go but up. Technology is always advancing, and don’t think because cleaning is not as flashy as the newest phone or gaming tech, there there isn’t many professionals working on improving your everyday tasks. With this being said it seems this type of vacuum will be something that will continue to gain mainstream popularity and advance in its effort to decrease effort in mundane tasks.

Conventional vacuums will more than likely not completely disappear, much like CDs didn’t kill the vinyl, but if people start to notice the improvements the backpack have over the more common vacuum, it may start to outsell and outclass. The biggest difference between the aforementioned metaphor of CD versus vinyl, there are still some advantages of using a regular vacuum.

One big concern is those with back issues may be unable to use them properly, thus creating a market for the flood model. As well as smaller concerns such as needing batteries for it, this requiring a constant money drainer, on top of the initial cost of the vacuum, When batteries usually cost around 10 dollars a pack, depending on how often you vacuum, you could be spending an additional 50 dollars per month, which to some is chump change, to others is a portion of their budget that they would not normally be spending.

Cost of Vacuums

On a well reputable site such as Home Depot, these vacuums can cost as much as 650 dollars and as little as 200. Price of these vacuums are the biggest drawback. Spending much more than you would on a regular vacuum, is almost insanity to some. Those who are surprised by the price gap may be less surprised when they do their research and realize the advantages for spending a little more. This price also includes the guarantee of less upkeep costs, without the wire there is no risk of splitting wires and, this also decreases electricity costs, marginally.

The backpack vacuum is here to stay, and for a while based on the stats that have been put out. Is it the future? Maybe. Is it better then the conventional vacuum? its an opinion. Is it a great option for those it is available to? Absolutely.

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