Tips on Choosing The Right Brand For Your Canister Vacuum

Whether you are a homemaker or a working person, a canister vacuum will definitely make your life easier. These light-weight canisters clean areas under the furniture and difficult spaces with great ease. So now that you settled on your choice of buying a new vacuum for your home, the next step entails choosing the right brand.

Before picking up a particular brand, you have to consider a few important points.

  • Budget – What are the buying and maintenance costs
  • The vacuum cleaner is  a bagged or a bagless system
  • Capacity of the bag- how much dirt can it withhold
  • Features and maneuvering
  • Storage and portability
  • Customer service and warranty

Comparative Analysis of The Different Brands

Comparison of Different Vacuum Brands

  • Budget – This is a very important consideration. The most expensive gadgets do not need to be the best. Sometimes, though the price range of a product falls in the budget, the day-to-day maintenance costs become very high. Panasonic canister vacuums are the best-priced vacuum cleaners and are equipped with the latest features. They are great for pet hair removal.
  • Bagged/bagless system – Bagless vacuum cleaners will save on your purchasing costs. You can also see the amount of dirt being accumulated. But they have to be periodically emptied and cleaned. A bagged vacuum, on the other hand, comes with additional filters like the HEPA filters. This is beneficial for people suffering from allergies. The Dyson Ball Multi Floor is equipped with advanced features and comes with a bagless technology.
  • Capacity of the bag – If you opt for a bagged vacuum cleaner, do check on the bag size. If you have a large area to clean regularly, a bag with a large capacity is required. The Electrolux Ergospace EL4103A comes with an additional bag for extra dirt accumulation.
  • Features and maneuvering – The vacuum cleaner should be rich in features, have a superior power capacity, good flow and depression rate and high performance. There is also an option of choosing the brush type for your vacuum cleaner. The Miele canister models have numerous brush options and tools to choose from. They are available in various models that cater to different surfaces for cleaning.

Moreover, the machine should be user-friendly. You should not experience back aches and excessive fatigue while using the device. The Dyson Ball Multi Floor can reach difficult places and controls the head right at the handle.

  • Storage and portability – A good cleaner should be easy to store. If you have space constraints, go for a compact model. The length of the cord should be good and preferably retractable. It should be light enough to be easily carried around. The Electrolux Ergospace is lightweight and can be wound up easily to store the hose and canister together. The Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe is also a great option for easy portability and storage.
  • Customer service and warranty – A reputed brand takes care of its customers and provides good customer service. Miele brands provide the best warranty as it’s also the high-end brand.

Wrap Up

While making the final decision to buy, do consider this important criterion- The vacuum cleaner should be a joy to use. The Panasonic ‘optiflow’ is a lightweight design with all the basic features and a reasonable price. The Miele brand canister vacuum cleaners are top-notch canisters equipped with advanced filtration techniques and therefore comes at a premium price as compared to other models in the segment. Bissell comes next, and it is also very well priced, therefore it is a great buying option. Dyson and Electrolux have high power capacity, are lightweight and portable and have premium filters.

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