Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair And Hardwood Floors

As a pet owner, you desire a clean, fur-free floor all the time. Fortunately, you love pets too. The balance between these two is one of the greatest headaches you will face, especially if yours is a hardwood floor. You got to take care of fur and your floor, hence the need to shop for the best vacuum cleaner on the market.

Why a Special Vacuum Cleaner?

Cleaning out fur is one of the biggest problems of pet owners today. Larger pets with longer fur shed more than their short-furred cousins. It is, therefore, paramount to have a vacuum that offers the best result and all while protecting your hardwood floor.

Considerations for buying the vacuum cleaner

  1. The brushes: Most vacuums are designed for carpets and will not be equally effective in cleaning hardwood floors. The floor needs to be protected from scratches as much as possible to maintain its luster, especially untreated hardwood floors. Hardwood floor vacuums need to be without rolling brushes. Rolling brushes are designed to remove dirt from carpets hence will only cause scratches on the floor. If it must be one that you have to choose or that can work for both carpets and hardwood floors, it has to have an option to switch off the rolling brush when cleaning hardwood floors.
  2. Padding and wheels: Most vacuums have plastic wheels which can cause scratches on the floor. Having rubber padded wheels can prevent scratches, digs and other undesired results and damages.
  3. Weight and compact: Excellent hardwood floor vacuum cleaners should have superior suction quality and power to draw ingrained hair and dirt particles from the floor boards. They should also be easy to move around the house too.
  4. Filtration: For health purposes, it is important to have a cleaner with proper filtration to suck off fur from the air. For asthmatic patients, you should have HEFA certified filters to suck allergens from the room atmosphere.
  5. Head size: To be able to suck the hair well from the floor, vacuum cleaners need to have large heads, with two or three small brushes, which require more attention and where the big head cannot reach.

The Choices

Getting a vacuum cleaner for pet hair is not a walk in the park. Disappointed customers have littered the internet with negative reviews. They bought products that never delivered as optimally as expected. In our investigation, these vacuums received highest ratings from the clients. They combine ease of use, suction control, brush shut-off if available, excellently.

1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright NV356E

Corded(30ft cord), bagless, includes hardwood floor attachment.

2. Hoover Linus Cordless Stick

Cordless, bagless, lightweight and includes an on-off switch from carpet to hardwood

3. Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum

Corded(20ft), has a bag and includes an on-off switch. More info on canister vacuums here.

4. Hoover Floormate SpinCrub F40010B

Corded(27ft), bagless has bonus Hardwood Floor Wipes with no beater brush

5. Bissel PowerEdge Pet HardFloor Corded Vacuum 81L2A

Corded(20ft) bagless, has no beater brush


With the above guide, you will be in control of both the pet fur and the floor in your house. The suggested vacuum cleaners will give you the impeccable performance to keep you happy, and the pets too.

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