Dyson 360 Eye: Is it Really Worth The Price?

Let’s be honest, very few people actually enjoy doing house chores. The results, even though rewarding, are not easy to achieve. All the same, the house must be kept clean in order to enhance comfort and improve its appearance. So what if there was an easier and better way to vacuum clean your house? The Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner has been touted as one of the best appliances for this.

One of a Kind 360 Degrees Vision System

The Dyson 360 uses artificial intelligence to observe and interpret its environment. This action is similar to when you scan the house before vacuuming. But the vacuum cleaner is even better at this because it’s capable of viewing the whole room at a go due to the unique vision system. This means that it’s aware of its present location, where it’s been and areas yet to be cleaned.

Highly Effective

The machine uses advanced cyclone technology to capture dust and dirt. It can pick up even the smallest of particles that conventional cleaning methods will miss. As a result of this, it does a good job and leaves your carpet and floor clean. It’s an awesome home appliance that will save you a great deal of time and energy. The machine does a thorough job.

Key Features

Thecleaner is a little smaller but also taller than most of its rivals. With its small size, it can access spaces that most robot vacuums do not normally reach. The 360-degree hi-tech camera is one of its key features and sees every part of the room simultaneously. The Dyson Link App is used to control the device and create an ideal environment for use in the house.


  • It does a superb job in cleaning, unlike most other advertised auto robot cleaners.
  • The machine navigates the room in a methodical manner thereby making it easier to clean every spot.
  • It’s small in size and can fit in several spaces that other vacuum cleaners typically wouldn’t.
  • The dustbin has a 0.33-litre capacity and can collect a substantial amount of dust before it’s emptied.
  • It has a 45-minute run time which is quite enough for cleaning.


  • The robot is too tall to fit under some pieces of furniture.
  • It can’t climb stairs and has to be carried during multi-level cleaning.

Is it Worth The Money?

When people buy home appliances, they usually expect maximum functionality from them because they are used regularly in the house. This Dyson robot vacuum cleaner does a good job in cleaning the house and saves you a lot of time and energy. It’s highly effective and with its forward technology, it’s definitely worth every dollar. It would be a good buy for most people.

This Dyson robot vacuum, like most machines, has its limitations. However, the benefits are numerous and people who buy it would find it greatly functional. The designers took their time with this model and that’s why it’s reshaping the market of robot vacuums by using some of the most advanced technology.

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